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"My condo looks so different now! My kids said I should've done it a long time ago :) On the slow market I sold my condo at 100% asking price! I will definitely hire you to design my new place."

- Valery B., Thornhill

"Stella has great taste and we're confident that her staging our house before selling helped us get the top price we got. "

- Rina and Michael S., Thornhill

"I tried 3 times to sell my townhouse with different agents. No one told me that I have to stage it. Interiors Toronto did an amazing job highlighting the best features of my home. Finally I sold it for a good price. I couldn't be happier! "

- Vicky, Toronto.

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At Interiors Toronto, we often feel that we play the part of the Fairy Godmother who gives Cinderella her dream makeover transforming all her misfortunes into triumph! When Cinderella wooed her prince at the ball, her story would not have had such a beautiful ending had she stepped out in a maid’s dress.

Just like it took a fairy to bring out the glamorous beauty of Cinderella which was camouflaged under the garb of an frumpy and drab maid, at Interior’s Toronto we give your home a dream makeover because every buyer, is like Cinderella’s Prince who is bound to be charmed over by a well dressed up house!

Really, our home staging projects truly resemble the Cinderella Story as we are the Fairy Godmother for property owners dressing up and applying "makeup" on their homes to enhance their looks.

The Fairy Godmother dressed up Cinderella in the finest of silks and jewels to transform her into a stand out beauty at the ball and we accessorize, decorate, furnish and color coordinate homes that become a sure shot hit in today’s competitive real estate market. But just like there is a very thin distinction between the “dressed up” Cinderella and “over dressed” step sisters, good home staging is all about the use of stylish and elegant interior design features in order to enhance the best features and revamp the dull parts of the house.

So if you want a dream fairy tale property staging, we are here to help sell your home like magic! We will go through each and every detail of your home and convert it into a sought-after property that will get you top dollars. Get in touch with us right now and together we will make a splendid staging for your home!